Campaign websites critiqued (updated)

Quebec bloggers are critiquing the websites of the three major parties in the upcoming provincial election.

Eric Baillargeon gives top marks to the PQ’s website, which for some reason redirects to an administrator site with a bad security certificate:

Issued to:
E =
CN =
OU = SomeOrganizationalUnit
O = SomeOrganization
L = SomeCity
ST = SomeState
C = —

Besides being issued with incomplete information, the certificate is also assigned to the wrong domain and by an unrecognized certificate issuer, all of which raised alarm bells in my browser.

The real website is still available here.

The ADQ website, meanwhile, starts up with an annoying typing sound and plays a video without asking me first. Once upon a time these things were bad netiquette. Has that changed or something?

Michel Leblanc takes a more statistical approach to critiquing the PQ vs PLQ websites (no mention of ADQ), and notes that they both have their technological issues.

This is impressive since there’s very little at the Liberal website besides some candidate photos and promises of a blog.

UPDATE: Canoe’s Dominic Arpin jumps into the fray, adding brief critiques of the Quebec solidaire and Green party websites. He adds that the ADQ’s domain ( isn’t exactly intuitive.

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