Death to lattes

It seems a letter writer has found the solution to Quebec’s post-secondary education funding issue: Students are buying too many iced cappuccinos and should be spending it on increased tuition:

Here are a few suggestions: Students – or parents footing the bill – can rent one fewer video a week, go to one fewer movie, buy one fewer latte or iced cappuccino.

And here I was thinking that these students are buying 99-cent pizzas because their maxed-out credit cards won’t allow them any money to live on, and they still owe their four roommates three months back-rent.

How silly of me.

Meanwhile, Henry Aubin points out that Quebec’s adult workforce is the laziest in Canada, with shorter work hours, more sick days, less productivity and more early retirement:

They’ve simply absorbed a ethos that we, their elders, have unintentionally taught them by example. Many of us in older generations have established a culture of entitlement, a sense that everything is due us.

Maybe they’re the ones who should be spending less time sipping lattes and more time on the job?

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