This hour has 26 minutes

I glanced at this ad in the West Island section of today’s Gazette. It’s for commercial real estate for rent.

Under “public transportation” it lists two things: the 210 bus from Fairview and “minutes from P.E.T. international airport”. First of all, I don’t know how appealing it is to have a rush-hour school-days only bus that’s filled to the brim with CEGEP students being your only source of public transit. Secondly, this building is more than 20 km from the airport. Google calculates the travel time as 26 minutes, which is clearly when there’s no traffic. Does that qualify as “minutes from the airport?” If so, isn’t the entire island minutes from the airport?

One thought on “This hour has 26 minutes

  1. princess iveylocks of western

    Ah yes, that is in the alternate reality of “misleading real estate ads,” where a 6.5K distance to UWO can be described as “a short walk.”

    I have since learned, while living in another domicile, that virtually any distance to UWO will result in a miserable stroll, because they don’t plow sidewalks here and London Transit is equipped with a fleet of monkey-driven Edsels.

    Metaphorically. But still.

    Oh, and the airport was a nice touch; I bet hundreds of Montrealers rely on air travel to get around the city.


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