Couldn’t see nothing

I went out this evening to try to catch the lunar eclipse. My first stop was the Planetarium, which I heard had special plans for it. Though others must have also gotten that news (including a CTV cameraman), there was no organization outside the building as advertised. It’s just as well, since the cloud cover and tall downtown buildings prevented anyone from seeing anything.

I decided to head up to the mountain to check it out from the Camilien Houde lookout. By the time I got up there (taking the 11 bus through a narrow road with cars double-parking snowbanks on both sides was excruciatingly slow), the moon was well in the sky and the eclipse was on its way out.

At the lookout I found two amateur astronomers who were taking pictures through their telescopes. They were kind enough to let me look through one, but all I could see was a blurry white circle. The clouds prevented any good photography, and they weren’t too crazy about that.

Though the moon did disappoint somewhat, the view of the city at night from that lookout is always worth going

Now I’m headed out for the Nuit Blanche.

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