You don’t remember Jack

via Stony Curtis (in turn via Metafilter): You Don’t Know Jack, the hilarious smart-assed trivia computer game, is now playable online.

There’s only one seven-question game up so far. The other challenges are Dis or Dat, where you are given a name and have to guess between two categories. The ones they have there are refreshingly amusing, like: Crayola crayon colour or porn movie? Open-source software or part of a woman’s reproductive organs? Software or member of the Justice League of America (or both)? Basketball team or dish made with animal testicles? Surprisingly, some of these are very difficult to figure out.

I’ve always been a big fan of YDKJ for two reasons: it’s well-written, entertaining and very funny. It’s also well coded, with smooth graphics, seamless gameplay and hundreds of questions recorded in audio form that still fit on a CD. I still think that’s very impressive.

Hats off to you, Cookie.

One thought on “You don’t remember Jack

  1. stony_curtis

    Thanks for the link. I used to *LOVE* that game–and we would have some seriously amusing YDKJ tournaments, sometimes until we went through all the online episodes…

    I hope this “bringing it back, online” thing grows and grows, ’cause that was bigtime, retro fun! :-P

    take care man,


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