3 thoughts on “At 21:37:03 subject waved index finger and stated “Oh no she didn’t!”

  1. Michael Lenczner


    I just want to make sure that you and your readers know that Alison has written and published many other papers on ISF. She’s the best researcher on CWN networks right now. Her other paperws are the work that you would recognize more easily as “research”. This one is her her final work on ISF and it’s a chance to reflect on the research methodology she used during the 3 year’s working with us. And personally I’m really glad that she used a more accessible way of talking about the methodology instead of throwing around 10cent words – which she’s also very good at.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Participatory_action_research is another way of describing PAR.

  2. Mir

    Hi Steve,

    just to reiterate Mike’s statement. Alison has been working with ISF for about 3 years as a researcher. Her writing has always been and remains, clear, concise, accurate, and more to the point, useful to the broader community in which she works. Based on the contents of your blog I’d guess that’s not something you’re really after.

    Let’s try to save the slams *not* for peoples vocations. It feels crappy doesn’t it?

  3. fagstein Post author

    Oh snap!

    I’m not sure if I really agree that this new age research is the way of the future. As fun as anecdotes are to readers, are they really relevant in an academic context? Shouldn’t people just get to the point?

    It’s rare that I come out on the side of humourless conformity, but in this case I think it’s called for.


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