Bad timing? Does it matter?

Adrian muses about the scheduling of tomorrow’s debate between Charest, Boisclair and Dumont, coinciding with a Canadiens game and American Idol.

But is that really a problem? The debate is in French, so anglophones aren’t likely to tune in anyway. As for the Habs, who are desperately playing musical chairs with a half dozen other teams for two remaining playoff spots, are their fans likely to watch a political debate? Or are political junkies going to be seduced by hockey?

The only person I know who’s going to be flicking back and forth between hockey and the debate is me.

Besides, the debate starts a half hour after the hockey game does. That’s plenty of time for the Habs to flush the rest of their season down the crapper.

One thought on “Bad timing? Does it matter?

  1. james

    you make some good points, but i also agree with adrian. this was not good timing regardless if it’s in english or french. most people will be watching rds or american idol. the leaders will get those people flicking in and out during commericals…


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