I’m so hyper-local I’m navel-gazing

The L.A. Times is sounding the alarm about newspapers going “hyper-local” at the expense of having their own take on the news everyone else is reporting on.

I have to agree with Sebastien though, hyper-local sounds good to me. I can get national and international news from the wire services, CNN, Google News and others. I can get the British perspective, the American perspective, views from the left and right. But local news comes from far fewer sources, and they can’t rely on wire services to write their news for them (well, unless they’re Metro or 24 Heures).

Sure, it’s annoying to see the same AP story in every newspaper. But having dozens of journalists writing the same story in different words just so each paper can have its own perspective seems kind of silly too. Better to have everyone writing about something different.

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