Oh Zeke…

Not news: Zeke’s Gallery blog pisses off local self-important gallery owner.

News: Gallery owner gets lawyers involved.

Jackass: Mise en demeure is in French, despite the blog posting being in English.

Funny story: Apparently the libel claim is based on a misreading of an ambiguous sentence in a blog post.

Happy ending: A simple conversation over the telephone solves everything.

5 thoughts on “Oh Zeke…

  1. Zeke


    Thanks for the morning chuckle, hope all else is well with you. However, as I wrote the original post, I must strenuously disagree with you – it is ambiguous at all.

  2. Zeke


    Ooops, my bad!! It is NOT ambiguous at all. And it appears that it has been settled to everyone’s satisfaction.

    Sorry for the brain fart.

  3. Zeke


    And I was wrong about it being over… Apparently he wants to try and prevent me from ever writing or mentioning the word “Pierre,” “Antoine,” and “Tremblay” ever again.

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