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CSU: The 12-step program

If you’ve never experienced student politics at Concordia University, you’ll never understand it. It’s cold, calculating, ruthless, predictable, and it consumes would-be student politicians, infusing them with the worst that partisan politics have to offer.

The Concordia Student Union obsession began six years ago, when two nerds ran against each other. Not content to simply win or lose, both amassed an army of blind followers who would suspend their own moral compass in order to achieve the greater good. People refused to talk to each other, convinced that every minor misunderstanding was a huge conspiracy against them. Yearly elections were planned months in advance, with every underhanded trick under the book considered fair game.

Now, with those early nerds gone and the radical extreme sides of half a decade ago replaced with moderate parties whose politics aren’t all that different, some of those minions are finally coming to realize this, and they’ve created a Facebook support group (64 members and growing):

Concordia politics made me a worse person

One thought on “CSU: The 12-step program

  1. Christelle

    in my 4 years at concordia i never once voted for the csu elections. i think it’s useless. the only time i enjoyed having csu was when they organised a matt good concert outside hall building! that was neat. otherwise.. mmm.. don’t know what’s the use/what they do. bad eh? :P


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