Paypal speaks French (trust us!)

I just got this email from eBay:

Paypal speaks French!

Does anyone else find something amiss about this? I mean, if you’re going to reassure your customers that you speak a language, shouldn’t you send them that message at least in part in that language?

One thought on “Paypal speaks French (trust us!)

  1. princess iveylocks of western

    “Transact in the language that’s most comfortable for you!”

    They have no idea who speaks French because they configured it to be unilingual, so they’re sending it to everyone on as a precaution.

    Personally, I’m thrilled. It’s just as exciting as this CSR ad I replied to.. a position that will allow me to “provide exemplary customer service while utilizing caring words” and ‘own’ every commercial customer contact…”

    My life is finally complete! Thanks, corporations!


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