CTV will get NFL, Super Bowl rights

After almost 25 years on Global, the NFL is giving its Canadian broadcast rights over to CTV for this year and the next two years.

There are a number of reasons (money) for this, though some are theorizing that Global’s incompetence at HD technology might be part of it.

To answer the most frequently asked question, no, this will not mean we get to see American Super Bowl commercials. The CRTC still requires that cable and satellite companies substitute American feeds for Canadian ones when the two are showing identical programming.

However, the same loophole that took place last year might repeat itself. Because the high-definition broadcast signal out of Toronto instead of Montreal, the CRTC doesn’t require signal substitution. So people watching the Super Bowl in HD might still be able to watch the U.S. HD signal with its super-expensive commercials still included. Last year this was the case for Videotron and Star Choice HD customers, but not Bell ExpressVu.

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