4 thoughts on “I’m #9!

  1. heri

    i think the someone should be changed by “a robot”.

    i dont know where the “mighty micro people” come from but I am quite sure they just count how many blog posts you have with the word montreal in it. so i guess you could write montreal in each of your post and get a higher ranking.

  2. Fagstein Post author

    Actually, one of the blogs mentioned does exactly that: Has a photo taken in the city and puts “Montreal, Quebec” below it.

    Montreal Montreal Montreal.

  3. Neil

    Hi Fagstein,

    Thanks for mentioning my toy site, blog top 40! Yes, it’s a robot. Yes, it is a crude system. But it’s doing roughly (very roughly) what I want, which is to give me lists of blogs/syndications based on content rather than popularity. Technorati and places like that are giving us lists of blogs that are already popular. I hope I get lists that change more rapidly and help me to discover new, undiscovered web sites. Also, it’s an experiment in internet marketing, advertising networks, generating traffic, etc. Right now it gets very little traffic, so don’t go out of your way to put “Montreal” in all of your posts. I will probably be the only one to notice. =)

    If the site is useful, that would be nice, but for now it’s a hobby project. And it helped me find your site, so score 1 for good times!



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