I’m obligated to tell you about today’s budget

So apparently the Quebec budget was released today. Again. You’ll remember we had a budget back in March, but then we had an election and now everything has changed.

Among the highlights that anyone could care about: A $1 billion tax cut that would mean between $100 to $1000 per family. And that’s basically it. They don’t have a plan for education, other than forcing students to pay more. They don’t have a plan for health care, so they’re starting up a task force to give them one. They don’t have a plan to control the debt, which will rise despite/because of the tax cut.

So really the only thing worth watching on the 6 o’clock news was the cool headset being worn by Todd Van der Heyden on CTV as he reported live from the National Assembly.

The CBC’s Amanda Pfeffer (“The Pfeff”) meanwhile, doesn’t have the cool headset. She’s standing on a street. Nowhere near as cool.

P.S. For some reason CTV is referring to this as “Day 4” of the transit strike. It’s Day 3. Three days. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I know they’re trying to be bleeding-edge, but there are limits.

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