Anastasia’s Law wouldn’t have helped Anastasia

Anastasia De Sousa’s parents at least seem happy about a new gun control bill passed in the National Assembly. It would restrict people from carrying guns onto public transit (people could carry guns onto public transit?) and oblige authority figures all over the place to report people with guns to the police.

In other words, it would do absolutely nothing to prevent the exact same situation from happening again. Kimveer Gill used a car to get to Dawson, and by the time anyone saw him with a gun there, he has already begun firing on students.

The Gazette’s James Mennie (among others) rightly criticizes the bill for having no teeth. In a sense, it’s hard to blame premier Jean Charest, since gun control is a federal jurisdiction. But they called it Anastasia’s Law, trotted out her family, and pretended like this will do something to stop gun violence (though they admitted it wouldn’t have stopped De Sousa’s murder).

Only time will tell if this makes a difference.

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