Vast areas of nothing are so interesting

Just when you questioned the idea of having a blog about a vast undeveloped area of land next to a highway, there’s a new blog (from the Gazette’s Andy Riga) about the forested cliff next to that giant area of land.

I’m thinking of starting a blog on the Angrignon Blvd. overpass and Pullman Street (which is dangerous to walk on).

2 thoughts on “Vast areas of nothing are so interesting

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  2. Neath

    The most interesting thing about it all to me is that you have one of the best situations ever for the people of a city to actually input the development of an enormous tract of urban land – But

    1) no one has a clue they can do this

    2) City Hall will probably move forward with it s plan to build “light industrial buildings” that will create about 17 permanent jobs and the Falaise Saint Jacques would probably become quite forgotten.

    3) Mayor Tremblay’s brother, Marcel, who is an executive committee member, has made it a personal project to get everyone going to Parc Jean Drapeau as in away from Mount Royal.

    And on it goes, much like the “superhospital “fiasco. Thought the Olympics were expensive? Stay tuned…..


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