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Get ready for a revolution (but don’t hold your breath)

Some anonymous radical leftists are calling for “5 days of decentralized direct action and economic sabotage” during the North American Security and Prosperity Partnership summit in Montebello, Quebec in August:

This is a call to action against the companies and governments who govern our lives through law and capital. Since the beginning of the invasion process, capitalism and state governance have perpetuated colonization on the lands of Turtle Island. This process has not stopped. Instead, it takes new forms through the neo-liberal agenda and continues under the authority of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

From August 17th to the 21st we encourage decentralized direct actions and economic disruption for the purpose of making the SPP and our resistance against it widely known. During these five days, we hope to hear of actions that will inspire further resistance to this under-the-table plot. We encourage a diversity of tactics, and propose sabotage as a potentially effective means of revolt.

Now, for those of you who don’t speak activist-ese, some definitions:

  • Turtle Island: North America. It’s a term the Crazy Left uses to make it seem as if they’re in touch with native issues. Because their primary concern right now is the name given to the continent.
  • Decentralized direct actions: Uncoordinated guerrilla tactics that no central figurehead can be arrested for.
  • Economic disruption: Vandalism. Smashing store windows, knocking down McDonald’s signs and tipping over mailboxes. Actions that don’t have any major economic impact but allow young adults to vent their unfocused adolescent outrage.
  • A diversity of tactics: Violence. Against things, against people, it doesn’t matter. Anything is fair game.

And these people wonder why we call them crazy.

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