Parlez-vous français?

Metroblogging MontrEal cherche des bloggeurs francophones. Une bonne idÈœ. On est dans un province avec une majorit? qui parlent fran£¥ais. Il faut un blogue avec plus de billets dans la langue de Moli™DICKCHENEYre.

Dang. This is why I don’t blog in French. Stupid accents never work.

5 thoughts on “Parlez-vous français?

  1. LadyW

    Come on Fagstein, you can do better than that! Repeat after me: ALT+0239… Ok, you’re right. Leave the French blogging to the real accent experts ; )

  2. Fagstein Post author

    I use a Mac. No alt-key combinations for me. Just common-sense: Two-key combination for the accent and a third key for the letter underneath.

    The fact that people in Quebec use US keyboard layouts instead of international ones kind of disturbs me. Who wants to memorize four-digit numbers for every possible combination?

  3. LadyW

    I should have pegged you for a Mac person. All the coolest hippest people are. Except me that is ; ) As for the keyboard set-up, mine is in proper French, but my anglo husband uses the annoying US keyboard combinations, he told me it is simpler than changing his setup. Whatever. Two solitudes and all that.


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