Reporting LIVE from … nowhere relevant to this story

Why is CTV’s Annie DeMelt reporting live from a downtown Montreal street about a collision that happened last night on Highway 20 near Quebec City?

I know news stations, and CTV Montreal in particular, have this thing about needing reporters to report LIVE, even if it’s just giving the first sentence of their edited news package from the newsroom. It’s a pointless gimmick that just wastes everyone’s time.

But even then, don’t use it for everything. I know CTV’s viewers want to see as much of Annie DeMelt as possible, but it’s just distracting.

One thought on “Reporting LIVE from … nowhere relevant to this story

  1. Josh

    I’ve always found local American newscasts to be far, far worse than anything this country can put up, when it comes to this kind of stuff. But I’m with you – I’ve especially never understood the compulsion to have live reports from the newsroom. Which is what – 20 metres away from the studio?


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