Just learned that MédiaMatinQuébec, the free paper being run by locked-out workers at the Journal de Québec, has launched its website at MediaMatinQuebec.com.

And it’s already more impressive than any other Quebec media website. It’s fast, lean and easy-to-navigate.

You know, the more this conflict goes on, the more I think these workers should forget about the Journal and turn MédiaMatin into a business. Sell some more ads, rent a small office building and this could really be something.

3 thoughts on “MédiaMatinQuébec.com

  1. Kate M.

    The problem is that if it became a business, they’d soon have advertising and marketing departments and in no time the site would be loaded down with the same sluggish Flash ads and other slow-loading cruft that bedevils all the other major media sites.

  2. Nicolas

    …And there’s no way to get even a fraction of the salary they where making with Quebecor (the Journal de Québec journalists are in third position province wide in term’s of wages and benefits). The average journalist at Quebecor free daily is paid 30 000$ while the same guy working for the Journal de Quebec get close up to 60 000$ (80 000$ if you take into account all the benefits).

    As a side note, one funny thing with the website is that the Journal still have no website of it’s own. So, as the union rep said, they are ahead of the Journal!!!


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