Watering lawns makes baby Jesus cry

At least one Pincourt resident is complaining that a ban on outdoor watering, put in place because of demand might exceed supply during the hot summer months, is literally going to turn her lawn into a desert.

Cry me a bloody river.

There are plenty of things people can do to help the environment. Drive less, use less electricity, recycle more. Wasting less potable water is on this list. It costs energy to purify water for drinking, and there’s not much fresh water left in this world.

On the other hand, we need to water our lawns. I mean, it’s not like they water themselves, right? It’s not like some mystical, magical force somehow causes water to spontaneously fall from the sky in large quantities every few days.

Oh wait, THERE IS!

It’s called rain. And if it’s not enough to keep your lawn green and healthy, then there’s something wrong with your lawn, and it doesn’t belong in this environment. Do something green for a change and don’t waste so much energy trying to override nature.

3 thoughts on “Watering lawns makes baby Jesus cry

  1. heri

    Hydro could raise the price of water (it’s the lowest in the world, if i recall well) so people would think twice before watering their lawn.

    of course, this would be an unlateral decision but it’s for the benefit of everyone.

  2. princess iveylocks

    Playing the contrarian (as usual), I should point out that some regions of Canada (here) haven’t had rain for almost two months now. While I, like you, could give two flying buttresses about the lack of verdant grass, trees and shrubbery are endangered as well.


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