Bus drivers, show us your style

If you’re wondering why STM bus drivers aren’t wearing uniforms all of a sudden, it’s because they’re negotiating a new contract. Many public service workers who have severe limitations on the kinds of pressure tactics they can use (police officers, ambulance technicians and other essential services employees) use such cosmetic tactics to get their points across.

3 thoughts on “Bus drivers, show us your style

  1. Kate M.

    I’ve never quite understood the force that it’s supposed to have. As it is, drivers crank up the radio and gab on the phone while driving, so who cares if they’re also wearing jeans?

  2. Bob's my uncle

    If they really wanted a pressure tactic, they’d sit in plainclothes among us peons in the bus during boarding at the terminus, then when enough people start bitching and moaning about where the driver is, declare “the hell with it, I’ll do it”, take a seat behind the wheel and drive away.


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