Creative Generalist: I still don’t quite get it

This week’s blog is Creative Generalist, which is about … uhh … stuff. … Ideas and stuff. Yeah. It’s kinda philosophical, but the general idea is that you need “generalists” to balance the “specialists” and see the big picture. I think. Steve Hardy, the author who also works for Andy Nulman‘s Airborne Entertainment (I think it’s a requirement that you be hyper-philosophical about marketing to work there) thinks I did a good job, so I guess I did.

One thought on “Creative Generalist: I still don’t quite get it

  1. Kai

    Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and disagree with the Hardy boys there. I wasn’t about to say this at soccer, but Steve, that was the most boring blog-related sidebar I’ve ever read in a prominent English daily. (Only you play mind games on the field. Also, for once we were on the same team.)


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