Facebook does not fear Infoman

Yves Williams has a YouTube video of Infoman Jean-René Dufort saying we need to destroy Facebook. As if it somehow furthers that point, he created a profile for wanted murderer Sylvain Vincent and got Justin Trudeau to add him as a friend.

I guess we shouldn’t take Mr. Dufort too seriously, since his Facebook profile has almost 100 “friends” as well.

UPDATE (Sept. 26): Jean-René Dufort… Dominic Arpin… seduction… leather…  

3 thoughts on “Facebook does not fear Infoman

  1. carrie

    But 100 “friends” is completely normal on facebook. It’s the ones with 400, 500, 600 “friends” that are suspect. The average, according to a CBC report I read last week that I now can’t find, is 150.

    How many “facebook friends” should a person have for you/us (“we”) to take seriously?

    How very interesting to judge someone’s credibility by the number of virtual friends s/he has.

  2. Fagstein Post author

    Dufort’s point is that “friends” on Facebook aren’t really friends. In some cases, it’s people you haven’t even met.

    If Infoman is the same as the rest, then Infoman is part of the problem.

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