Montreal Geography Trivia No. 2

It’s well known that many of Montreal’s streets are split in two by a highway or railway or giant buildings. In many of these cases, the two unconnected streets are on the same “axis” and so keep the same name.

But this street is ridiculous, being split into eight unconnected pieces, all with the same name. The number gets larger if you include intersections that are offset slightly, looking like a pair of Ts more than a four-way cross.

Some parts go through affluent areas filled with detached houses with swimming pools. Others are row houses squeezed together. Still others go through industrial areas with no trees in sight.

What is this street’s name?

UPDATE: The answer is Ontario St., though give yourself a point anyway if you answered Jeanne-Mance St., which was the original basis for this question, but has one fewer split in it.

5 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 2

  1. mare

    That can only be named after a competing province: Ontario St.

    I once looked for a business located on that street and stupidly enough followed it from Berri to the East. I new the number but couldn’t find it. The number I was looking for was added on a new strech of the street, in between other streches, was only 100 meters long and only consisting of the building of that firm. It’s number 5780, rue Ontario Est, a side street of Rue Dickson.

    It’s not even on Google maps and probably is the 8th stretch of this road.

  2. Fagstein Post author

    Ontario Street is correct. And I counted again, it’s actually eight unconnected pieces, all but one of them east of the Olympic Stadium.

    Going North-South, the winner is Jeanne-Mance, which is in seven pieces between Gouin Blvd. and Viger Ave., mostly because of railways that block its path three times.

  3. marylou

    So Fagstein! You’re still interested in street maps? I remember when you were just a little boy, you would travel by bus all over the City of Montreal and you knew every bus route and every street in the vicinity. That was nearly twenty years ago!

    Keep up the good word.

    G’ma Fagstein


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