My Rogers nightmare continues


Today was bill-payment day, when I login to my bank’s website, remember that Firefox somehow causes Desjardins an “internal error,” switch to Safari, login again, and pay my bills for the month.

Two bills, for cable/Internet and hydro, I get in the mail. One bill (credit card) still goes to my parents’ house, but I have all the info online anyway so I don’t need it.

And then there’s Rogers. A few months ago I switched from paper billing to online billing because I wanted a copy of my call history. And the only way I could get that for free was to have online billing. But since then it’s been a nightmare trying to get access to my bills. And even when I do get access, my “call history” is either entirely blank or throws up an error when I try to read it.

Today, my login was “unsuccessful” and my account suspended for no apparent reason (the password was good, and it was my first login attempt). I gave up and decided I’m going to have them switch me back. And since I can’t login to their website, it’ll have to be by phone.
My request was simple: switch from online to paper billing

I press 8 for English, and go through their voice menu. I have to answer a bunch of questions (is my problem “billing” or “account management”?), get stuck in dead-ends (no I’m not trying to pay my bill) and after a half-dozen of these menus (finally telling it I want to speak to a representative), I get another menu asking me if it’s for wireless, cable, Internet or other, then another asking if it’s about a cellphone, blackberry, pager or other, then another asking me to enter my 10-digit phone number, then I’m put on hold.

First representative asked for my phone number, my name, my postal code and my date of birth. She’s very nice and after I tell her my problem she explains that she’ll need to send me to something called “E-care” and they’ll fix it right away. She also says I can do it online much easier, but when I tell her is a nightmare to use she’s sympathetic and says something along the lines of how some people have problems.

Second representative asked for my phone number, my name, my postal code and my date of birth. I tell him my problem and he says the system that takes care of this is “not available to (him) at the moment”, so he’s going to transfer me to another representative who’ll take care of it right away.

Third representative asked me for my phone number, my name, my postal code and my date of birth. I tell her my problem and she explains that her computer can’t make that change and she’ll need to send me to “e-care” so they can reset it. She also says I can do it online. I am confused, because I already thought I was at “e-care”, but she corrects me. So I guess Rep #2 screwed me there.

Fourth representative has a thick Indian accent. He asks me, one at a time, for my phone number, my name, my postal code and my date of birth. I tell him my problem, and he asks me why I want to change. Rather than spend 20 minutes trying to argue with this guy about the hellhole that is, I bite my tongue and just say I prefer paper billing. He explains I can do it online, but he can do it himself as well.

He explains he’s made the change and now my previous bills (that were only online) are now inaccessible. I ask him how the heck I’m supposed to get copies of them for tax purposes now. He says he can put me back on online billing, and I can download the bills and then switch back. I figure now I have to tell him about not being able to login, and he unlocks my account lockout. I login (with the same password I used before) and I get access to the system. He explains (“Do you see the girl on the couch? Just under her…”) what to do and I end the call.

Total call time: 12:37.

I go to this month’s bill, and click on the button that gives me a PDF version. I get this:

System Error / Erreur système

We’re sorry, the epost service you have requested is temporarily unavailable. Please try again shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Désolé, le service postel que vous avez demandé est temporairement inaccessible. Veuillez essayer à nouveau un peu plus tard. Nous nous excusons de tout inconvénient que cela pourrait vous causer.

So I can’t download my bills, which means I can’t unsubscribe from online billing, which means I just wasted 20 minutes.

Thanks Rogers.

Online billing, paper bullshit

But, I hear you ask, what about all the trees I’ll be hurting?

Well, since I’ll need to print my bills out anyway, the effect is pretty minimal. They pay postage, so that’s not a factor.

Besides, Rogers doesn’t really seem to care about the environment themselves, as evidenced by a letter I received in the mail this month.

The letter, by Rogers Wireless president Rob Bruce, has nothing but bullshit marketingese like “continued loyalty”, “never take for granted”, “working hard”, “committed”, “exceed your expectations”, “unprecedented”, “Canada’s Most Reliable Network” (capitalized, of course), “clearest reception and fewest dropped calls.*” (their footnote, not mine), “moving forward”, “even more innovative technology”, “improve your experience with us”, “our commitment” and “work relentlessly”. And he wishes me and my family a “happy upcoming holiday season.”

What gets me about the letter is that it was mailed to me on thick bond paper (about as thick as a business card) in a thick envelope. Could they not have just emailed this BS to me?

30 thoughts on “My Rogers nightmare continues

  1. Justin

    Oh my God! You hate your wireless provider too ?!

    I have a buddy that works in the PMO over at Rogers and he’s completely fed up with me complaining to him. Ever so often he listens in on CSR calls. You would not believe the abuse these people take and for next to nothing per month he tells me.

    Rogers has major issues with their website and the inside scoop that I have is that it ain’t gonna get better either. Why should it? Old Ted is rolling in dough.

    I can’t decide if I should wait it out or pay the cancellation fee and jump ship, But if I jump ship, where am I gonna go? Bell ?Yech! Telus ? Hmm, maybe the iPhone will make it all better.

  2. Mama Fagstein

    I got the same letter and get the same service as you when there is a problem. I can’t afford to jump ship, I still have 2 years with them, God help me.

  3. David

    I’m a rep for a relativeley small call center, and if for example I can’t help a client after I’ve identified him, I’ll transfer him to another department through a conference call so the other rep won’t have to ask him again the same sort of questions. From my point of view, it simply seems that Rogers, as well as other big corporation, just don’t want to waste their time with these longer, yet much more efficient procedures. And that end up with customer service horror stories such as yours. It might be the size of the organisation makes it more complex, or it might just be that the direction doesn’t understand the client’s point of view.

    In these situations it is also far more efficient to ask for a supervisor or the complaint department that to burst out against the rep, however oblivious they might sound…

  4. Peter McLeod

    There must be a way to speak to a human about a fouled up Rogers bill.
    If any oone knows how to contact a human in the Rogers Wireless empire, please advise me.
    Better still, advise them (Rogers).

    I am going to try not paying their bill, when (and if) I receive one.

    I have the original paid cheque that they cashed and deposited to their account.

    They are complaining that it is unpaid, in a letter I received. The letter said they are going to cease my service unless it is paid immediately.

    It included the message – Please disregard this letter if your payment has been made.

    I told the agent at the store in Dieppe that if it isn’t corrected by Dec 31, 2007 to come and pick up everything Rogers has installed in my house. Cable, internet and home phone.

    I am going back to Aliant and get their cable also.

  5. Peter

    Hey guys. I know exaclly what You going through. I have found a way to get what i want .

    You need a human to talk to? Keep pressing zero on your phone or say agent many times.

    if a regular representative is not doing what is suppose to do, or you dont want to waste any more time to talk to them ask for supervisor or manager. Make sure You know what you want and be firm dont let them tell you what is better for you. You can mention also that you are going to report them to better business bureau and to all your friends . And if you really fed up with them just ask for cancelation department, they may be able in order to keep you as costumer fix all your problem. Good lack to You all

  6. irfan qureshi

    I renewed my contract six months ago since then I havent recieved any online bill. I have requrest several times to resolve this issue with the billing deparment. When I request the hard copies I was charge 4 bucks on my next bill with out prior consent. Rogers is a rip off service provider and Ted Rogers is a wicked man.

  7. kim

    I made the mistake of switching to Rogers in January and have had absolutely nothing but problems since (if I can’t get out of my contract before then, when it’s up, I will not be renewing). Every bill has been wrong, they keep changing my account set-up and the last straw was a $60 charge for extra, over the allowable 2500, text messages – they claim my daughter sent over 3000 texts in a 30 day period. Her phone log and usual texting practices say otherwise.

    Rather than doing what they expected me to do and just pay the bill I paid the amount for the bill minus the extra texts and told them that I wouldn’t pay for them until I saw proof of their having been sent. I quite reasonably asked for a printout of the sent text log and, surprise, surprise, two months later I am still waiting. They claim to be unable to provide me with this log for “security” reasons. Whose security are they protecting by not providing me with a simple list of texts sent from a phone that I own?

    I have filed a complaint with the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS)*, rather than just accept their treatment. I made it quite clear in my complaint that I was not averse to paying the bill if, in fact, the texts had been sent but that, since it seemed unlikely, I required proof. Rogers is required to respond in writing to both the Commissioner and the complainant within 20 days of receipt of the complaint. Not at all surprisingly I got a phone message from them today requesting that I call them to “discuss” my complaint. I responded to them in writing asking them not to call me again but to respond in writing as required by the CCTS.

    I highly recommend that everyone having billing issues with Rogers file a complaint with the CCTS. I have some small hope that it may show them that we are not about to allow them to rip us off for the duration of our contracts and this may have some positive impact on their business practices.


  8. Jay

    I hate ROGERS!! I can’t fucking stand them…

    MY GF and I have had an account there for 3 years. I have changed a million things on the account, order phones, made payment arrangements etc.

    Our avg bill was around $250 a month, than last month it went too $605!!

    We are then sent text messages saying to pay the bill. My GF was away camping, so I make the call to see what is wrong with the account and why it was so much.

    I wait 10 mins or so to speak with the wrong rep, than a rep that can’t tell me anything as they say I have no access to the account. After 3 years they apparently decide to start enforcing a policy that I was told existed for years. We were given 2 days to pay or we lose service and they wouldn’t speak with me.


  9. Joe Fresh

    My wife just got an i – phone last month for $250.00 at a rogers store. We went to a friends house who has wifi and he set up her phone to use it. But this month we get a bill for $1010.62. I am not making this up! her data charges are $585.55!!! that is for 12,035 KB. We called rogers and after 1 HR and 20 minutes on hold she was told by the rep that there was nothing she can do because we signed a waiver at the store. What a fucking rip off!

  10. Jean Naimard

    They don’t care. They don’t have to.

    They’re the phone company.

    * * *

    Got screwed by Fido (which is Rogers). I was pay-as-I-go, decided to switch to billed. So I call, $20 for 2000 minutes per month. Good deal (it seems), so I did the switch.
    First bill comes with a $7.00 “network access fee” tackled on. Never heard of this before.
    So, after a while, I decide to switch back, as they won’t wave the fees I never signed for.
    “Sure! There’ll be a $25 service charge for that”.
    — Okay, fine, cancel my account.
    They tried to keep me on with a $15/month for 50 minutes with no 911 account and no “access fees”. No, this is an even worse rip-off…

  11. Edward Surowiec

    Rogers can suck a dick. They have over the past two years continually fucked up my bill and payments. I think I’m gonna bite the bullet and pay to get out of my contract. The problem is who to go with. I came over from bell, useless twats as well. Maybe I’ll start my own company called ,your getting fucked……… least we will know what we signed up for.

  12. Mark

    February 5th I called to inquire about charges on my bill that did not seem correct. That situation was fixed and the operator told me they had a promo in which they will send out a free phone. I explained I don’t need a free phone as my husband and I just bought 2 new phones. She insisted I get the free phone sent to me and I could give it to a friend to take into Rogers and have connected. I agreed. I gave the phone to a friend who has not yet gone into Rogers to set up an account. This month my bill arrived with a phone number on it that I did not recognize and a charge of $54.43. I called Rogers and spoke to 3 different people, repeating my story and my id credentials each time. Finally they told me that they sent the phone, gave it a phone number and billed me. Completely not what I was told when offered the phone. I asked the representative to cancel the number and reverse charges. She said she could not do that until I sent the phone back.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor – she put me on hold and came back on the phone and said that there was nothing a supervisor could do for me.

    Basically this is no better than reverse marketing. They have sent me a phone, gave it a number and are billing me and making me cancel it. Now I have to go through the hassle of returning the phone. Even though this was not the information I received from the woman who insisted I take the phone.

  13. Michael

    Rogers Cable has pushed me so close to the edge that I am staring directly into a canyon of mythic depth. I just cannot believe these FU**ERS, their nickle and diming and sleazy billing practices are beyond anything rational. I have had a Rogers account for 25 years. In the past few years I have added the Internet to my cable bill. I have NO EARTHLY IDEA how it happened, since they are unable to access or provide me with any bills beyond 3 months, but about a year ago my bill was $134. Everytime I talked to them it was ALWAYS a fight, strange fee’s showing up and questionable services added to my bill that were not authorised by me, the list goes on. So I finally got so freaked out that I just started sending them $160 A MONTH, thinking that should shut the fuckers up for a while because I could never get anywhere with them. Yesterday I got a bil in the mail for $300!!!! Shortly after I gave up arguing with them and started sending them the $160, my bill went up $10. Someone needs to help me because I have never been in trouble, I am a kind patient even headed person but this is driving me over the fucking edge. Who do these people think they are? What can I do? Where can I go? I am on disability and having my cable is the only luxury I can afford. Is complaining to the CRTC an option? Please give me some ideas because I am running out of patience. I can’t take it anymore. Not to mention the crap Rogers floods our mailbox with EVERY FUCKING DAY ALONG WITH THE AUTOMATED PHONECALLS THAT COME AFTER 9PM, OFTEN MORE THAN ONE A NIGHT. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. PLEASE!!!!!

  14. S

    I understand what you all are going through. From January 2009 til now (May 2009) i have been getting
    billed $2,000!! And my average bill is $51.00. I am getting charged with people on my My5 which i SHOULD NOT and i have no idea what to do anymore. I have called representatives, been hung up several times, called customer service, account representatives, spoken with supervisors and ever talked with several Roger managers who STILL did nothing. “Oh we will call you back in one week to ‘discuss’ the matter” *3 weeks later* NOTHING!
    This is fucking bs and i know for sure i am not the only one who is screaming on the phone line with a rogers employee. I’m considering suing them but i need to talk to an advisor before doing so.. i’m so stuck, they won’t even give back my money that they have taken from me!

  15. ouroboros

    Two months ago I noted that what should have been a ~$200 credit appeared as a charge on my Rogers invoice. I called the customer support number and was told that it would be rectified on my next invoice. Surprise! – no such correction appeared, so I called again, and again was told that the correction would be applied prior to the invoice being billed to my credit card. Once again, no correction. Yesterday I called customer support and, after wading through the platitudinous drivel that Rogers insists their representatives spew, I was told that “Revenue Assurance” had cancelled the correction. I then asked to speak with this person’s supervisor…he refused. I next asked to speak with someone in Revenue Assurance…apparently no such connection exists for customer reps. Finally, I asked him to find me contact info for their complaints department. He was unable to do so. Infreakingcredible.

    Rogers is the most unresponsive corporation I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. There is no apparent and readily accessible avenue for appeal of billing disputes. Of course, what else could we expect from a company that introduced “negative option billing”?

    I sure as hell wish there was another iPhone provider. I’d ditch Rogers in a nanosecond.

  16. Becks

    I’ve never owned a cell-phone,blackberry or any other type of wireless device…but I have been thinking about getting one of the new I-phones the past few weeks…after reading all these comments I think I’ll stick with my old-fashioned land-line and hard-wired videotron computer modem :o)

  17. Chris

    Well I have had very few to no problems with rogers. Very good customer service, great coverage and signal strength. I even had a guy ask me who I was with once because I got a call while in an elevator and he told me he was never able to do that.

    For what its worth I dont work for rogers or own stock in the company lol. The way i see it is all companies that deal with huge amount of customers cant keep them all satisfied, that all have their strong and weak points. Its a matter of choosing which is the lesser evil for your particular expectations. I have heard sooo many bad things about bell and being a sympatico customer for a while and seeing it go down the shitter CS wise, I will never again deal with them.

    1. Steve

      I would rather eat my own eye socket than deal with yet another Rogers rep (one “should” be calling me back within 24 to 48 hours to say “no” you can’t cancel your contract no matter that your 3G coverage isn’t actually “coverage”, it’s more like “socks”…)
      I have never had as much trouble dealing with a company in my life! I’m tempted to just pay the $500.00 cancellation fee just so that I never, ever have to deal with these idiots again!!!

      How can I cancel a seemingly airtight contract – even if the service they promised doesn’t exist???

  18. Evan

    ive just been having rogers issues too. for the pat two hours ive been trying to talk to someone because the twenty doller (yes, $20.00) card i just bought, depleted itself in three hours. fml i cant talk to my friends, my girl, my dad. this is just bull. ive spent a fortune on them in the past and all i get back is bullshit. thanks rogers, for making my life hell.

  19. dilb

    Once Rogers makes a mistake on your account, and refuses to correct it, you are clear to cancel your contract. Breach of agreement will terminate any obligations and agreements made.
    Also watch Rogers for telling you fees and agreements that are not legal. Ask for the fee and information available on their web site. Your will be surprised how fast it will get transferred to a manager and get resolved. Whatch out for the lies and false information they tell you on the phone – happens all the time.
    If you pay a fee for a specific purpose to Rogers, and they use that fee for something other than what the fee was intended for, contract has been breached by Rogers. Also this is consumer fraud and CRTC and CCTS will endorse this.
    Really push your fight with Rogers with letters to newspapers, local government and of course your 2 hour wait and transfer call to Rogers management.
    Also if you have a rogers stick or wifi, watch out!!!! They will bill you for a cell phone usage and hit you for hundreds and thousands of dollars. The stick and wifi can be jacked and if you get it through a box store outlet – the chances are higher. Try calling the account number for your wifi or wireless stick and see if someone answers the phone or you get a ring tone – you have been jacked!!!! Rogers has no security on the consumer side of their system, only their side.

  20. dilb

    Cancellation fees are bogus. Unless Rogers provides the service in the contract, as stated and agreed upon, for the consumer to cancel is legal.
    Call Rogers and tell them you want everything in writing rather than call you. The phone calls will stop, or it becomes harassment.
    Also, tell them you are recording this conversation for quality assurance as well and always get a confirmation number and name of person you are talking too. It is legal for you to record the conversation!!! Just let them know at the beginning of the conversation.
    Always best to speak at least 3 languages – not for you to talk to them – so you may have a chance of understanding them.

  21. eminem

    Roger’s has contracts, if we break them we pay. But if they break their own contracts, we still pay. I remember back in the day, unlimited evenings and weekends starts at 6pm. A few rep (that called me to sell me my phone) told me my5 is Unlimited North America (that is what sold me). Since these days, Rogers keep changing their contracts again and again. Since I am on pre-authorize with ebills, I don’t look at my bills too often. I checked last week and realized they charged me 195.00/mo on my cellphone. Considering my plan is $82.95/mo , they overcharge quite a bit, for who knows how long. I called them and they said My5 is not North America and evening starts at 9pm, so I went over my plan. What bullshit.

    They credited me over 300.00 since they could not pull records further back. Be advised, check your bill every month or risk being overcharged. There is nothing the rep can do, it’s just dumb policies and old systems Rogers uses.

  22. Len B.

    Rogers applied long distance charges to all my local calls, Getting customer service to correct this was a nightmare…I just stopped using Rogers and signed up elswhere after six months…They put me into collections….

  23. Marg wood

    I ordered Rogers highspeed internet express. the first month was free. They installed cable TV as well telling me it was free I told them I did not order it and didn’t want it. It turned out it was the stores mistake. They uninstalled it and told me I would get a credit. I did this in person. I then sent email to varify this and an email was returned varifying all the information. I am still being billed for cable TV that I never used and was removed. If anyone starts a petition regarding their billing practice I am sure they would get a lot of signatures. They need to clean up their act!

  24. Victor

    Almost every bill is an issue with Rogers. Does any one know what should we do if for no fault of ours Rogers keep charging us wrongly and then you keep wasting time to explain same details to different customer service rep at Rogers. I am fed up but can not terminate services because of committment? (or can we if this occurs often).

  25. David

    I have the same complain as victor has about Rogers. The worst service I ever had in my life. Not even cancel policy without service charge when actually you are not using their service. Charge money without any reason. I am fade up too and finally paid a lot just to get rid of this terrible experience.

  26. Petre

    So frustrated with Rogers. They just keep you with negative emotions now and then. Service fee dictators, their advertisement are not reliable, their website is not working frequently, if one decide to go by the phone it might be even hours longer. As a customer oyu have to fight for every bill or have feeling being unserviced or ransacked.

  27. willy

    i was sold a contract with rogers in march foe 3 years and rogers will not honer it nor do anything towards correcting it they all say no contact at rogers or communication then y they state that

  28. Sam

    I asked Rogers to remove few of my services 4 times but they didn’t have any record of it. 5th time I asked to cancel it again and they recorded it this time but still didn’t cancel it. Each time I had to be on the phone for 20 to 30 mins. 6th time I called and asked for a manager, it took 40 min to wait for the manager to come on the phone and he didn’t do anything for me except to make sure they removed the services and returned only my last months charges, which has been confirmed if it will be done or not. I told him that I won’t pay this bill until I see the changes. He told me that I will be charged late fees as well if I did that. All these conversations happened over 7 month period.

  29. Lori

    Rogers is truly the company from hell. They don’t give a damn about their customers. In fact “quality control and Rogers” should never be mentioned in the same sentence but you hear it every time you have to call them. WORST SERVICE AND PRODUCT EVER. And, it’s true, their own web page doesn’t work when you want to see your acct!!! SO FED UP.


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