C’est la fin du français!

Bon, garde ça: un article dans Le Devoir en anglais. J’ai jamais vu ça dans ma vie.

Sadly, it reverts to French later on, and I don’t understand the point in either language.

Also, Mme Bombardier seems to think that bilingual Quebecers are all francophones who have adopted English as opposed to anglophones who have adopted French.

One thought on “C’est la fin du français!

  1. Christopher DeWolf

    Wow, she manages to get in jabs at:

    — La Presse
    — Young francophones
    — Anglophones
    — TQS

    That’s quite an effort. This column is as good as the one in which she incoherently tried to argue that Bloc Québécois activist May Chiu was racist against white people.


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