Clearer picture about overpasses

At-risk overpasses

I’ve updated my map of Quebec’s at-risk overpasses to reflect the current state of inspections at the Ministry of Transport. More than half of the original 135 overpasses have been inspected, and most have had weight restrictions lifted.

The map (which started six months ago) contains about 150 bridges and overpasses, including the 135 deemed requiring inspection by the ministry, others whose structures were looked at by municipalities in the past year, and historical notes of ones that have collapsed or been demolished.

In the map above:

  • RED indicates bridges and overpasses which have been closed, demolished or are to be replaced
  • YELLOW indicates bridges and overpasses which require repairs or continue to have weight restrictions
  • GREEN indicates bridges and overpasses whose restrictions have been lifted and no repairs are deemed necessary
  • BLUE indicates bridges and overpasses which still need inspection or whose inspections are still under analysis

UPDATE (Jan. 22): Radio-Canada mentions the map on their “Sur le Web” site, complete with video summary. They got it from the Courrier International blog.

5 thoughts on “Clearer picture about overpasses

  1. James Lawlor


    This is really great journalism. This map and the interactiveness of it shows that old-style newspapers are at a severe disadvantage. Imagine a text based article of this? A picture is worth a thousand words as they say. In the case of an interactive picture – perhaps more.

    Keep up the good work.

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