Montreal Geography Trivia No. 12

What’s at 1200 Atwater Ave., Montreal, QC?

UPDATE: OK, time to let y’all off the hook. A couple of you clued in on it a bit. The answer is not the Atwater Library, which is at 1200 Atwater Ave. in Westmount. It’s a small two-storey semi-detached home near the roundabout at the southern end of the Atwater Tunnel.

It’s a pretty horrible location, with the train tracks and the highway within spitting distance, high-voltage transmission wires overhead and lots of traffic going through the Atwater Tunnel or down Centre St.

And I totally didn’t put this question up here because I got the two confused and ended up spending 20 minutes more than I wanted to walking in the freezing cold…

22 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 12

  1. Eric

    Well, search says Children’s Hospital, which I know is on the East side of Atwater, 1200 should be on the West side.

    In any Case I am going with the Children’s Hospital.

  2. N. Syed

    I’ve never been to this place but I ve passed by this street. Everyone seems to be off by this Atwater in Mtl. Yes this address does exist but it’s in Montreal to be more specific just south of St. Patrick. Just looking at Google earth the houses? the baseball diamond? or the roundabout?.

  3. Karine

    Well by combining GoogleMaps and Google Earth I can see it’s a statue but I can’t figure out or what. I should know this I live next door in Verdun and I probably rode my scooter next to it everyday during the month of October…

  4. Eric

    Ok, I think my messages may now qualify as spam but here it goes. 1200 Atwater Ave, known as Atwater Library but officially it is known as “Atwater Library of the Mechanics’ Institute of Montreal”. I will take my prize in cash please.

  5. Fagstein Post author

    I’ve updated the post with the answer. It’s not the Atwater Library or Children’s Library. It’s a small home on the other side of the Atwater Tunnel.

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