8 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 16

  1. Kate M.

    King George Blvd. is, or was, in Ville Saint-Laurent. It’s probably been renamed – Google maps doesn’t have it. It’s in my 1937 Lovell street guide.

    King George Avenue is an old name for Cavendish, according to Les rues de Montréal.

  2. Tim

    Hmmm… the Quebec government place-naming commission web site doesn’t recognize any King George Avenue or King George Boulevard in all its jurisdiction, let alone Montreal. There is a King-George Street in Longueuil; a second one in Sherbrooke is clearly out of scope. King George Park in Westmount is bordered by two avenues (neither named for King, country, nor park) and is near THE Boulevard.

    Found nothing under Roi-George or Roi-Georges.

    I guess this is why this is a tough one. Maybe we’ll have to hop back to ca. 1930-1955 for this one?

  3. Rosa

    There are/were a couple of parks too with King George in the name. In Saint-Lambert there once was a King George Park. In Westmount, “Murray Hill Park” is officially known as King George Park.

  4. Tim

    I contest the validity of this week’s quiz, based on its phrasing. “Where ARE” (capitalization added) is a misleading use of present tense.

    Don’t mind me, I’m just a sore loser. =¬) Congrats, Kate.


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