209, 470 buses get extended schedules

The first step in the STM’s plans to overhaul West Island bus service takes effect Monday when the spring bus schedules start.

On Monday morning, two bus routes, the 209 Des Sources and 470 Express Pierrefonds, will take significant steps in the transition from rush-hour to all-day service.

The 209 (PDF schedule) will be an all-day (but still weekday-only) bus, with departures every 25-35 minutes during the whole day. Final departures will be at 10:55pm (from Dorval) and 12:05am (from Roxboro-Pierrefonds). The STM considers this a “trial run” according to the flyer (PDF), to be re-evaluated based on demand.

The 470 (PDF schedule) was turned into an all-day-weekdays bus in October, but that move was immediately criticized by myself and others because there was no service past 7pm. The STM has finally decided to rectify that situation, adding departures every half hour until about 9pm in both directions. That still doesn’t sound late enough (most Fairview buses run until midnight), and it’s still not service on weekends, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The next changes come in June with the summer schedules. They’re expected to include:

  • Operation of the 210 John Abbott bus throughout the summer to service Kirkland’s industrial park and other places along Highway 40
  • Simplification of the route for 219 Chemin Sainte-Marie
  • Extension of the 268 Trainbus Pierrefonds to the Côte-Vertu metro station

UPDATE (March 21): The STM is also making a fuss about modest increases to lines 77 CEGEP Marie-Victorin (PDF flyer) and 86 Pointe-aux-Trembles (PDF flyer)

3 thoughts on “209, 470 buses get extended schedules

  1. BruB

    I’m on Des Sources and Brunswick, my employees that come from East will love this. The 209 not just a rush hour bus will make their lives so much easier.

  2. slutsky

    The headline for this post seriously makes it look like two hundred and nine thousand, four hundred and seventy buses are getting extended schedules, which is way more exciting than two buses getting extended schedules. All I’m saying.

  3. Fumi

    I’m so happy that they extended the 470 schedule! This makes life so much easier. Now it would be great to make the 470 run on weekends. Just today (sunday) I went downtown and was forced to take the 215 which is a “lovely” 40 minute detour through the industrial park.


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