CSU: One party is enough

It’s that time of year again, folks: Concordia student elections!

As the years pass and my connection to my alma mater fades (despite the Alumni Association’s pleas that I donate money and give back), I realize that I don’t know the people studying there anymore. I’m not familiar with the day-to-day issues. And more importantly, I don’t care.

But it’s fun to watch as this year’s vote becomes more of a farce than ever. There’s only one set of candidates running for the executive this year, the Left having been so demoralized by seven losses in a row that they’ve retreated to a legislative-only party. Even the apparent joke party was disqualified when it turned out that its members were signed up to run without their permission or even their knowledge.

The last time an election for CSU executive was uncontested was … I don’t know if it’s ever been done.

Despite the protests from the media about a one-party system being de facto undemocratic, the election goes on, with prizes handed out to a few random voters. Even with that, it’s hard to see this election breaking any turnout records.

Oh Concordia…

One thought on “CSU: One party is enough

  1. SekhmetDesign

    I go there, and I have no clue what the elections this year are about!
    For the last three years, I have seen no ameliorations whatsoever with the party in place, and this year, I decided I wouldn’t vote, even with the prizes as a way to tempt the students to school politics. I don’t see a point voting when there’s only one group in place that are assured a place at the CSU student union.


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