Daddy Day Camp… on demand!

If you’re like me, you think Daddy Day Camp is the best movie ever created. This fun-for-the-whole-family film, starring award-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr., is the smash hit sequel to “Daddy Day Care” (notice the last word is different there, how ingenious when they could have just called it Daddy Day Care 2!).

If you never got a chance to see it in the theatre, now’s your chance to see it in your home theatre, at just a bit more than the price of a DVD rental and with none of those annoying extra features and deleted scenes and stuff.

Videotron’s Illico digital service offers Video-on-Demand, a service whereby for only $5, you can download a new release and watch it as many times as you want on your digital terminal over a 24-hour period. If you wanted to rent the DVD, you’d be billed less, which means you’d have to deal with change and stuff, and you’d have anywhere from two days to a week to see the movie. With such a long rental time, you’re bound to get confused and forget the movies altogether, until your living room is filled to the ceiling with rented DVDs you forgot to return.

And if you don’t have Videotron Illico digital TV? Well now’s the time to buy! A basic digital terminal costs $99, but for a limited time only Videotron will give you one for only $49 with contract! That’s practically giving it away! Or you can upgrade to high definition and a personal video recorder for only the low low price of your first-born child! How can you not take advantage of this opportunity?

Buy now!

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