Gary’s got you covered!

Even though I have a love life that would make Eliot Spitzer feel bad for me, I always make sure I have some vi@gra and ci@lis at the ready in case the time comes and a wave of ED suddenly strikes.

But those drugs are so expensive. How does a guy get stiff without getting stiffed?

I don’t have those worries anymore, since I found Gary’s Vi@gra and Ci@lis Emporium. There, I can get my pills at prices as low as 2 cents apiece. Sure, they’re not blue or diamond-shaped, they don’t have the logo on them and they taste a lot like chalk, but at 2 cents who cares if you get a dud every once in a while?

And while I’m shopping there, I can get low-priced Rolex watches, Adobe software and all the incest porn I could possibly imagine.

Give them a shot, so they can give you a shot.

6 thoughts on “Gary’s got you covered!

  1. Eric

    Ok I get it, a post about putting up ads followed by a bunch of posts telling us how great crappy products are… haha Happy April’s Fools… It better be

  2. Karine

    So I’m at the office and I sneek a peek here and I see post after post of ads. First I think humm, spamming his own blog for April fool’s day? Then I read the first post of the day. Very subtle, like a 2×4…


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