Moved by the Hawaii Chair!

Hawaii Chair

Ever hear of the Hawaii Chair? It’s all the rage. They’ve had it on Oprah, Dr. Phil, Ellen and all sorts of other shows. It’s been Dugg, YouTubed and talked about all over the blogosphere. Don’t you think it’s time you get in on the action?

The Hawaii Chair combines the ancient art of the Hula with patented health science technology to create a machine that takes the work out of your workout.

Rather than going through the trouble of walking, running, biking, jogging or doing other strenuous, time-wasting exercises, the Hawaii Chair does all your work for you, rotating your bottom and burning the fat while you sit at your desk eating donuts.

And for a limited time, you can buy your own Hawaii Chair for under $300!

Wouldn’t you like to get more informations?

I haven’t tried the chair myself, but the idea alone is enough to sell me. (I’ll get a free chair if this post is seen by at least 100,000 people, so when that happens I’ll update with a more comprehensive review). With a name like Perfect USA though, this company can hardly go wrong.

Be sure to check out some of their other ingenious devices that will save you time, make you healthier and guarantee six-pack abs forever.

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