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Frozen at Place Ville-Marie/Central Station

Usually I get advanced notice of stuff like this, but someone organized a public freeze under my radar today, similar to what happened at Berri-UQAM metro in February:

This supposedly happened today at Central Station.

UPDATE: Another video of the event, which also involved a freeze in the food court of Place Ville-Marie. And another one, which shows CTV’s Paul Karwatsky, making it abundantly clear to everyone that this is an organized event, and another one.

UPDATE (April 15): Don’t ask me why they waited more than a week, but CFCF finally has a report on the freeze from Karwatsky in his “My Generation” segment.

One thought on “Frozen at Place Ville-Marie/Central Station

  1. Darwin

    I was there! I was so much fun, when I got there we were only 5 but when I took the small sign about 50 people showed up from no where. We sync our watches and then went to do the first double freeze in world history!!


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