Videos of the storm

For those of you who missed it, through the magic of YouTube we have plenty of shaky, noisy home video clips of today’s kinda-freak storm (Cyberpresse also has a photo gallery; The Gazette has galleries of professional and amateur photos):

Close call for window washers at Place Montreal Trust (LCN has some details about this story, The Gazette too — dramatic part’s at the end):

(UPDATE: Also available from another angle in four parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

The Wall of Rain approaches:

Horizontal rain (via Patrick):

Hail in Otterburn Park:

Some backyard shots:

And, of course, bikinis!

UPDATE: Just noticed Dominic Arpin had the same idea for a post.

3 thoughts on “Videos of the storm

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  2. Frosty

    the 6th video posted was taken of the front yard, I know ’cause I took it, lol…the backyard ones are at youtube also…


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