Natasha has a new job

Natasha Aimée Hall, who won 940 News’s Talk Show Idol and was hosting a show on Sundays until the station as a whole went under, is now working for CTV, co-hosting its Entertainment Spotlight program with perennial Mirror Tackiest Personality winner Mosé Persico.

I’ll let her explain the rest:

I shot my first show last Thursday and it will air this Sunday, June 29 at 6:30. Here’s hoping I didn’t do anything really weird on camera! I can only hope because shooting was a total blur. Doing it all again this Friday.

I’ll be doing jazz fest blogging again for the Gazoo (can’t believe that starts on Thursday!) and I’m still waiting to find out what the future holds for me at Corus Quebec.

Natasha blogged the Jazz Fest as a freelancer for the Gazette last year.

3 thoughts on “Natasha has a new job

  1. Bob G

    since 940 is now AM940 montreal’s greatest hits, she is one of those that got the axe, but she wa salso a Saturday night soul show, so I am wondering if she will be doing some voice track stuff, as that’s how I understand they save money. announcers coul dbe from home and you would neer know it. does anybody know who the new morning person will be at AM 940??????????

  2. Fred Arshoff

    The morning man is none other Marc(mais oui) Denis. Afternooin drive isJ Jerimmy Z or as he is known by the Z man. Marc is great bringing in his own personal vinyl as well.


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