Aborted fetus, mom and Morgentaler

I know this may shock and amaze you, but not everyone agrees that Henry Morgentaler, the father of abortion rights in Canada, should receive the Order of Canada. Many Tories and conservative Liberals are against it.

Of course, they’re not stupid enough to say it’s because they disagree with the guy on abortion rights, something the majority of Canadians support. Instead, they bring up some silliness about how the OOC recipients should be people who “unite” Canadians instead of “dividing” them.

Which would make Pierre Trudeau immediately ineligible.

One of the comments on the Star article suggests that Paul Bernardo should be next in line for the order the way it’s going. I guess he means that Morgentaler is a murderer and that advocating abortion rights is one step from serial killing. The Holocaust can’t be far off.

But then, Bernardo is probably a good bet by the Tories’ definition. After all, we’re all united in our feelings about him.

One thought on “Aborted fetus, mom and Morgentaler

  1. BruB

    Me, Mom and Morgentaler, still the best Ska band in the world (followed by the Planet Smashers) :)
    Oh wait, Morgantaler is actually real? Good comment on Trudeau, we could give it the order of Canada to Stéphane Dion right away, we all hate him, from english Canada to French Québec :)


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