STM to add evening service to downtown routes

Last week at its board of directors’ meeting, the STM approved a plan to extend service hours to five bus routes serving the downtown and near-downtown areas:

All of these routes are 7-day daytime routes, but their service ends before midnight (the 31 and 138 have their last runs as early as 7pm). Though the STM hasn’t said what exactly the extended service hours will be, expect these routes to have added evening service seven days a week, starting at the next schedule change in September.

Also at the meeting, the STM approved a new senior shuttle service for Montreal-North, St-Michel and Rosemont. I guess the stunning failure of the previous senior-shuttle experiment hasn’t fazed the transit authority.

4 thoughts on “STM to add evening service to downtown routes

  1. lagatta

    I believe I recall the 31 being much more frequent a couple of decades ago, and it certainly ran later. I do hope the frequency can be improved on many routes.

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