Ceci est Sparta indépendantiste

Does anyone else find the music attached to this video unnecessarily menacing?

Is it that they want people to hate them, or do they think this is going to become some sort of armed conflict and The One True Way will prevail gloriously?

I’ll could also point out the irony of uploading a Parti indépendantiste video that’s militantly anti-English to a website that doesn’t have a French (or at least Québécois) version.

2 thoughts on “Ceci est Sparta indépendantiste

  1. random commenter

    Sparta in French is Sparte.

    Also, as ridiculous as the video is, I don’t see anything particularly anti-English about it.

  2. hoo-boy

    That music is insane!! It sounds like it’s just waiting for Bruckheimer-style explosions. “Menacing” is right!


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