Montreal Geography Trivia No. 29

In researching her article for last weekend on one-way streets in Montreal, reporter Brett Bundale asked me a question that I couldn’t think of an answer to off the top of my head. So I’ll pass it on to you.

What is the longest one-way stretch of street in Montreal?

Here are the rules:

  • On the island
  • One-way throughout the entire length (the street can continue in both directions, but only the continuous stretch of one-way street counts)
  • Same direction the entire length
  • Keeps the same name and doesn’t break the entire length

I think I’ve figured out the correct answer, but you never know…

UPDATE: According to my calculations, it is indeed de Maisonneuve Blvd., which is one-way westbound between where it starts at du Havre and where it ends (for the first time) at Melville next to Westmount Park, for a total of 6.7 km. That makes it slightly longer than the longest north-south stretch I could find, St. Laurent Blvd., which is one-way northbound between Notre-Dame and Jean-Talon, for 5.8 km.

(Ste. Catherine Street, perhaps our most famous one-way street, is only one-way between Atwater and Frontenac, for 5.5km)

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