STM increases service to St. Laurent industrial park

New schedule for 175 bus with added departures highlighted (via CPTDB)

New schedule for 175 bus with added departures highlighted (via CPTDB)

The STM has announced some changes to bus lines, primarily in the area of the St. Laurent industrial park:

  • The 72 Alfred Nobel has had seven departures added in the morning and evening rush hours to increase frequency. The hours of service remain the same. The major changes to the route begin next year. In January, service between rush hours will be added, and in March the line will be extended westward to the Fairview bus terminal, while the eastern terminus will be shifted to the Côte-Vertu metro station.
  • A collective taxi service is now being offered that shuttles between the St. Laurent industrial park and the Sunnybrooke train station during rush hours. Fares are the same as buses, but people have to reserve in advance.
  • The 175 Griffith/Saint-François and 196 Parc Industriel Lachine (or as I like to call them, the buses from nowhere to nowhere) now have service between rush hours, with 30-minute intervals. This follows a pattern the STM has been following recently filling up the time between rush hours, then extending into the later evenings and finally adding weekend service.

Also approved by the STM’s board of directors last week is the creation of a new line, the 467 Express Saint-Michel, which would provide limited-stop service along St. Michel Blvd. during rush hours. The 67 Saint-Michel is the busiest single bus route in the entire STM network with about 40,000 riders a day (the Côte des Neiges, Parc Ave. and Pie IX Blvd. axes have more ridership split over regular and rush-hour reserved lane routes). Expect this new line to come into service either in January or March.

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