Oh Concordia, how little has changed

The Evil Borg Cube (a.k.a. Hall Building)

The Evil Borg Cube (a.k.a. Hall Building)

I used to look back at my alma mater Concordia University, and ponder how student politics there had changed. In my years (2000-2004), there were scandals, recalls, backroom deals, lawsuits, riots, arrests and just general overall craziness. But since then it had been mostly quiet. A one-party system had been instituted at the Concordia Student Union, finances seemed under control and everyone stayed out of the headlines.

But thankfully, university student politics have a habit of repeating themselves every few years, as high turnover results in institutional Alzheimer’s and the same mistakes get made by a whole new group:

  • Person in charge of finances is left unchecked, money goes missing, and then she does as well? Check.
  • President proclaims innocence? Check.
  • Financial mismanagement so complicated even auditors can’t figure it all out? Check.
  • Recall petition to remove executive? Check.
  • Executive tries to find loophole to subvert democratic will of petition? Check.
  • Club money goes to questionable expenses? Check.
  • Comparisons to corrupt African regimes and measures put in place to make sure this “doesn’t happen again”? Check.
  • Patrice Blais? Check.

3 thoughts on “Oh Concordia, how little has changed

  1. Guillaume Theoret

    I just read the Clubs Funding Raises Questions article. I see no problem with any of the examples cited there. 1400$ for a soccer team but they give no details. Was it a soccer team from Concordia that’s been doing especially well and got invited to play on the other side of Canada or Europe? The article doesn’t say.

    Same goes for the 5200$ to conferences. As long as it was Concordia students going then it’s an enriching experience.

    Also, an art group spent nearly 700$ on photocopies? Probably providing art by Concordia students for free. again, what is this? A Journal de Montreal fabricated scandal?

  2. Tim

    lol. After your fourth bullet-point, I skipped down to look see how long it would take to mention Patrice Blais.

    Plus ça change, eh, comrade?

  3. michael corleone

    Blais is the new chancellor/rector… they just havent finished the press release. I can’t say anymore lest his fiery eye gaze upon me from his dark tower :)


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