Journal Dailyish Digest: All your caisse are belong to us

(Video from Youssef Shoufan)

Locked-out Journal workers protested in front of the Caisse de dépôt et placement on Wednesday to take advantage of their announcement that they’d lost all our money. The Caisse has a financial interest in Quebecor (45%), which is the reason for the protest.

Speaking of that financial interest, Quebecor released quarterly report this week, and “Quebecor réduit sa perte” was the headline. The improvement was mostly because of Videotron, which increased its number of customers and managed to squeeze 10% more out of each one on average. Newspaper revenues dropped by 5.5%, though the report covers the period before the lockout at the Journal started.

Crank calls? Really?

La Presse reports that managers at the Journal got calls last week from people answering classified ads on Craigslist and Kijiji. Apparently their phone numbers were placed on fake ads put on the sites and managers got calls late at night. Those of you wondering when the union’s pressure tactics would descend into the cliché and juvenile, there you go.


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