Patrick Charles joins CJFM morning show

Patrick Charles (Q92 photo)

Patrick Charles (Q92 photo)

Patrick Charles, who since 2001 has been working with the morning show on Q92, has jumped ship and (after some contractually-mandated downtime) will join CJFM 95.9 as the third morning host with Cat Spencer and Lisa Player. He starts on Wednesday. (via MediaInMontreal)

His old bio page at Q92 is still up in case you want to learn more about the guy. You can also hear his song parody work on MySpace.

5 thoughts on “Patrick Charles joins CJFM morning show

  1. Anonymous

    He spent 8 years at Q92, never got his name on the show, and was paid next to nothing. Any surprise he jumped ship? Not that he’ll be treated much better at 95.9. e.g. Murray Sheriffs.

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