Livre de visage, là

Facebook has launched a Canadian French site, about a year after it launched a French French site.

The translation was done with the help of Facebook users in Quebec, I guess because Facebook is too cheap to hire a real translator for a week to make sure they get it right. These crowdsourced translations caused problems last time, but I don’t notice any glaring errors so far.

Among the translations:

  • “Posts” becomes “publications”
  • “More” becomes “d’avantage”
  • “Tagged” becomes “identifié”
  • “Wall” becomes “babillard”
  • “Edit Options” becomes … uhh … “Edit Options” (oops)

1 thoughts on “Livre de visage, là

  1. ladyjaye

    Actually, Facebook did hire a pro translator to handle the double-checking of the community translations… and that person was me. In fact, my employer, SDL International, was mandated with the double-checking of all the community translations for Facebook across the world. Yes, it would have made sense to hire a pro translator from the start, but in general, it wasn’t bad at all. The hardest was to make everything as uniform as possible. Now, mind you, I couldn’t possibly cover everything on Facebook, especially since I did not have a lot of time to do that assignment, so there are cetainly some pages that remain half-translated or badly translated. However, the main pages on the site were double-checked.


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