Journal Weekly Digest: An inconvenient truthing

Journal retro from 1994 thanks to ladyjaye27

Hi, remember us?

The STIJM, the union representing Journal de Montréal workers, was busy this week. First they crashed a lecture given by freelance columnist Joseph Facal, accusing the former PQ minister of being a scab in no uncertain terms (especially because he’s now writing two columns a week instead of one). Shockingly, Rue Frontenac was there, admitting that students were not amused, but mitigating that by saying some were on Facebook or browsing other uneducational websites.

Then on Wednesday, they were protesting outside the home of Quebecor CEO Pierre-Karl Péladeau, planting crosses to represent the careers of people PKP wants to fire. Once again, Rue Frontenac was there.


And at don’t-forget-the-Saguenay, Quebecor says that coverage of the lockout at Le Réveil is biased against the company, with articles about the union encouraging boycotts of the paper. The company is even threatening to pull investments from the region if it feels it’s unwelcome.

3 thoughts on “Journal Weekly Digest: An inconvenient truthing

  1. JoLalo

    It was the only Facal course I wasn’t at this semester. And God I regret my decision everyday minute I think about it since tuesday. Not that my accounting paper I had due for wednesday wasn’t important at all. But I would have totally beat the shit out of their rhetorics.

    What’s the point, anyways, for these guys, of not letting Facal do his OTHER job? Wouldn’t it be like the STIJM going to a Francs-Tireurs interview and screw the shit out of it, just for the sake of pissing out Martineau for not supporting a union that does FUCKALL for freelancers?

    What they did, in my very own opinion, and I might be one of the only left-wing asses in the group at HEC, is disrespectful and, while most of these guys might have some, if any kind of diploma attached to their field of work – journalism, photography, printing, marketing, etc., it doesn’t change the fact that this act was completely idiotic.

    Oh, yeah, by the way, it wasn’t Facal’s course they fucked. It was a student oral presentation, about a sociology subject the forementioned had chosen. That’s why you see some people near the blackboard on the RueFrontenac photos. And, somehow, that’s why they were pissed. And that’s also why some of them were one Facebook or playing World Of Goo or anything not sociology-related.

    What’s funny, though, is that the Sociologie de l’entreprise course Facal has given us this semester is all about “dealing with the multiple actors in the business environment”, which are, of course: governments, other businesses, employees, and… unions. Pretty sure it would have been fun to see a student presentation about the conflict between freelancers, union workers, bosses, the government, etc. at the JdeM.

    In my dreams. Not in a bachelor’s degree course. Hehe.

  2. ladyjaye

    Hehehe, thanks for posting one of my ads. Of course, people should avoid dialing that number, it’s about as current as the one appearing in the old Gazoo wanted ads TV ad.

    I’m regularly adding more vintage ads to my account, so make sure to check it out often. :D

  3. Nicolas Ritoux

    About plugging the name of the newspaper in a self-congratulatory way: from the Metro article I understand that it’s just a mention of the name, not always in the sense of “La Presse a appris” but also as a replacement for a pronoun. Like, to avoid using “I” or “We”.


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