All communities are alike to Transcon

Transcontinental weekly feeds

This is one of the reasons I’m not crazy about the Transcontinental weeklies. They have so little content of their own, but mask that by copying content from other papers or from the network. The result is the exact same story on the websites of multiple papers.

Perhaps I’m the only one affected because I subscribe to many of these papers, but I don’t understand why stories not based in a particular area are included in the feed (and posted to the website) of a community newspaper for that area.

1 thoughts on “All communities are alike to Transcon

  1. Mark A.

    Is was bad before, it’s worse now. Transcontinental cuts so many journalists in the last few weeks, you don’t have any idea ! In Laval we heard about it, but they cut people in many other editions. In Saint-Laurent, there’s only 1 journalist to cover all the territory (a population of 84 000 people)…so they take news from the Ahuntsic edition and copy/paste a lot more news releases from the city. It’s a shame.


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