Montreal Geography Trivia No. 34


In the unlikely event that this bridge were to suddenly collapse, which Montreal-adjacent island’s residents would be cut off from the rest of society?


UPDATE: Wow, got dozens of guesses on this one, most of which were right or almost right without giving the name of the island.

It is, indeed, Île Verte, a tiny island with two streets that forms part of les Îles Laval just east of Île Bizard. The bridge connects it to Île Bigras, which is more known for its commuter train station.

Île Verte isn’t labelled on Google Maps (which is why most people described it without naming it). It does show up on Mapquest though. Take that, Google!

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42 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 34

  1. ladyjaye

    One thing’s for sure: it’s not Ile Perrot. Galipeau bridge is much bigger than that, even with half of it being rebuilt, it’s still 3 lanes wide. :P

  2. Jean Naimard

    It doesn’t have to be part of Montréal, I guess? So here’s another try:

    It could also be the Dupont street (get it?) bridge to Bigras Island (but I doubt it) or the chemin des Trilles bridge to Île Verte (I am reasonably more sure of this one).

  3. Jean Naimard

    I’ll also try the second (from the mainland) of the the two Yale Islands bridge in Boisbriand, but the current seems too swift for that.

    Same comment for the Île de Mai bridge.

    But we’re dangerously straying from Montréal there.

  4. Guillaume

    Ile Bigras, but they’d still be connected by the train line. You can walk on that bridge but it’s not the safest thing to do, especially in winter, or when trains are passing…

  5. Jerry

    Is that the bridge on Rue De l’Île-Barwick on the westisland (before the i’le bizaqrd bridge)?

  6. Homer

    hmm… could it be that Fagstein spent a little time in “Zone 3” last month? My Guess, is Ile Bigras. Rue Dupont perhaps?

  7. Arya S.

    And if I am right. I don’t think they’d be cut off form society because the Deux-Montagne train does go through there. So they could easily get downtown in 30 minutes, I don’t know if thats quite….. cut off from society.

  8. Onana

    Judging by the curving to the right when facing the island..I’m gonna go with Ile Barwick, just off of Rue Huntington / Ch. de la Rive-Boisee in the West Island

  9. Kurt

    Isn’t it the island adjacent to Ile Bigras? The one with the nice rich houses. Google maps says Iles-Laval.


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